Helping Hands

Welcome to Roshika Helping Hands

Namaste and Welcome to Roshika Helping Hands. We are a registered non-profit Nepali organization, working to help improve the lives of Nepali children.  Our focus is on education, as we believe that is the foundation for a bright future.

We encourage you to get involved and join us in this program. We believe the rewards for you will be as great as they are for the children of Nepal!

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If you would like to go beyond the trekker's world, then volunteer with us as a teacher or medical professional in rural Nepal. We will be pleased to arrange this for you and to offer you the opportunity to become immersed in the culture and ways of the Nepali people.

Jewelry Program

We are very excited about our latest venture for fund-raising. We are offering for sale beautiful Nepalese handicrafts that are typically made by women in Nepal. Through this program we are not only raising funds for the school, but we are able to help the women who are making the handicrafts. In many cases these women are widows or abandoned women who have very few means of support. Many of them were badly affected by the 2015 earthquake and the Pandemic, losing their small homes and means of livelihood as the tourist industry dried up.

Other Programs

If you are interested in volunteering or helping in a different capacity, we would like to hear from you.